‘My Country’

1. Write your opinion (briefly) of the two versions of ‘My country’.

The first version of ‘My country’ I think is so beautiful although it is challenging to comprehend, the way they describe the outback is magically and reminds me of my aunty and uncle’s farm back home in Australia. Although the second version of ‘My Country’ is weaving the modern Australia, more people can relate to, with old time language, which is some what interesting and enjoyable to read. The second poem is more humorous and the first poem is more painting an image of the most spectacular aspects of Australia.

2. Write yor version of ‘My Country’.

I’m in love,

With high fashion and brands,

Being the last to stand,

What my dreams are made of.

Skinnies and heels,

You’ll never be ill.

Money spent,

Wallet bent.

Lakes and monuments,

Seeing my best moments.

Floods of snow,

Wine to flow.

Why ever would you leave,

When all your all passions weave

Fresh bread a waits

So dont be late.

3.Explain where is it you are writing about?

These two verses are using France as its inspiration.

4. Why did you pick this place?

We picked this country as, a lot of the group has a passion for fashion and we all know France is known for its fashion  and also  Kamy one of our members is french and used to live there so she could describe some what, what live is like.

5. How do you want the reader to feel after reading it?

I want the readers to imagine what we are writing and feel a passion for france. The poem isn’t as descriptive as like ‘My Country’ version one as we sort of combined a bit of humor with a bit of descriptive language to create this fun and kind of rhyming poem. Hope they enjoy it.

Source: http://www.cpf.navy.mil/subsite/pp09/PartnerNations.html [image]


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