How much responsibility do you feel for what takes place around you: in your family, in your school, in your city, in your country, and in the world? List at least three responsibilities you feel for each level.

  • In the Family: The responsiblity to behave good all the time, to do as well as or better than my brother, and I have to try to set an example to my younger cousins.
  • In the School: There are many responsibilities some are, to come to school on time, to wear the correct uniform, following the  set school rules and to get good grades.
  • In the City: The responsibility to clean up after ourselves (not polluting), to find land that is livable, and follow the laws set in the city (being a good citizen)
  • In the Country: I have the responsibility to feel nationalism for my country, I have to try to help it stay beautiful by not polluting and I have to follow all the laws set in the country.
  • In the World: We have the responsibility to find solutions for our limited resources problem, some how it is up to this generation to bring awareness to everyone on issues to do with  population problems and should behave well, respecting all the people and animals in the world and treating them as one.

~ by aliais10 on December 1, 2010.

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